CAVE© Questionnaire for Project Management



The CAVE© Questionnaire for Project Management (PM) is an adaptation of the CAVE© Questionnaire Full version to address the specific needs of Project Managers. The questionnaire and its corresponding report aim to help PM professionals to acquire a modern comprehensive perspective of PM performance that promotes sustainable development. Specifically, they aim to facilitate PM professionals to identify and ensure optimum performance in every stage of a project by offering innovative criteria and guidelines for fundamental self-management through virtues' development. Users have the opportunity to be acquainted with the basic 14 Classical Aristotelian Virtues, and realize their vital importance to the consistently effective and efficient application of the Perspective, Practice and People competencies of IPMA (2015). Also, they have the chance to map out the extent and nature of their personal deviations from the virtues, and acquire a useful guide for personal development so that to constantly achieve the desired results throughout the project, as well as, the final outcomes and benefits for all stakeholders. 

The report includes:

-          Descriptions of 14 intellectual and moral virtues


-          Descriptions of the virtues’ criteria that you meet (strengths) and your individual deviations from the virtues (weaknesses)


-          Insight to possible consequences of your individual deviations on PM Performance


-          Guidelines for virtues’ development based on your individual deviations


-          Feedback on PM Competences and corresponding KPI’s based on your virtues profile


The CAVE© Report may be used to support:

-          Recruitment of the Project Team

-          Performance Improvement of Project Managers

-          Culture and Values of the Project Organization

-          Project Social Responsibility



Languages Available: English (UK)